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After the big donations of the last few weeks, which were only possible because of our temporary residency, we are now on our own again. The experiences of the last days have shown us, we also want to pick up the little gestures along our journey again. The route of the smile shall not be interrupted.

We have now made the decision for the future for the following to be an integral part of our journey and serve as a kind of welcome ritual in the respective cities. In the slightly larger cities along our way to India, where people live in poverty or on the streets and are forced to beg, we will surprise them with small WeCare-packages consisting of food, water and a warm tea.

We are convinced that this kind of donation, even if it has no sustainable character, is a very beautiful one. It hits the core idea of Travel for Smiles. Communicating with gestures lets us smile with people, show some interest, and greet them with cordiality. In the future we would like to continue this small project with acquaintances, who we meet at the different stations of our journey and who speak the language of the country. So we are also given the opportunity to possibly go buy shoes or a warm jacket with them.

The last two days we did exactly this in Trabzon, by the Black Sea, and it was a positive experience through and through. All in all, we distributed the WeCare packages to 14 people and it’s great to walk through the streets and see them again and greet each other with a smile.

We decided to distribute groceries because we can guarantee where the donationfunds will go. We buy what we can at small street stalls to support these a little bit aswell. The sellers were very happy but still had a slightly surprised expression on their face when we repeatedly bought larger quantities of them and divided them into different bags.




Below, you will find the content of one of these WeCare packages with a picture, followed by a short story about our experiences in Trabzon.


Contents of a package:

  • 2x fruits
  • 1 sesame ringlet
  • 2 filled Turkish pastries
  • 200g nut mix or dates
  • 1 small bar of chocolate
  • 2x 500ml water bottles
  • 1 cup of cay tea



Full of energy we spent the last two days walking the streets of Trabzon in search of the needy. On our walk, we met a man without legs who dragged himself across the floor with the help of two wooden blocks. He was fully hung with necklaces he seemed to sell and we decided to give him a little joy.

We got our first WeCare package, including hot Cay tea and greeted the old gentlemen friendly. As we knelt down to him he opened the bag and began to explore their contents. He tore off a small shred of the package of nuts to see into it, began talking to us in amused Turkish and started gesticulating. At that moment we realized what the man was trying to tell us -he had no teeth! Together we laughed heartily.

From now on we will always have a few dates or something equally easy to chew for such a case.

After giving his deepest thanks, Dominik pulled out his cell phone, gesticulating our question about his approval of a photo, and he nodded at us with his toothless smile.

Later that day, we met the man again who was still out on the street, even at dusk and gave him some dates we had previously collected.

The distribution on the streets of Trabzon has given us many nice encounters and we are very happy to make it a kind of routine in the next few months.

Look at those bright faces that have arisen thanks to your donations! It fills us with deep enthusiasm, how such a small gesture can give people such great pleasure. Not only the food itself, but also the positive encounter make the small gesture something more powerful. People are shown that someone has taken the trouble to put together a small package for them and to worry about them.

At this point a little appeal. Do you know someone who lives in Iran or Pakistan and would be willing to help with such an action? Then please contact us here in the comments or by mail at Thank you for your support, Keep Smiling! <3



    1. Hey you, thank you for the nice words! Sorry it took so long for us to reply to your message, we had some visa problems and got split up, so a little preoccupied ūüėÄ We hope you enjoy christams time!

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