Visiting Families for Children

Through a mutual friend, we had contact with Munif, who actively helped us in our short time in Dhaka. Together with this very experienced helper, we went over some ideas for Travel for Smiles, but unfortunately had to see them thwarted in the face of a holiday and so it happened that we spontaneously visited an orphanage founded by a Canadian, in the district of Uttara.

In the value of  82,11 € we had some sports equipment and school supplies in our luggage. From the chairman of the children’s home we learned a lot about the everyday life of the children and the work about 80 children bring with them. More than half of the children suffer from mental and physical disabilities, which requires some to be monitored 24 hours a day, as it often happens that there is a medical emergency among them.

The children’s home has a very warm atmosphere. The children, mostly found on the street or left behind in hospitals due to disabilities, are deeply cared for by the caregivers and it warmed our hearts to see the smiles of the little ones, who, due to their disabilities, are hardly able to interact. There are simple conditions in the premises of the project. During the day, the mats, on which the boys spend the nights, are folded up and so, in a space-saving way, the bedroom becomes a common room. Most of the children had shaved heads, which is the only effective protection against lice. Especially for the girls, this must have been difficult, noted Valentina, who was better able to put herself in their position than the rest of us.

The toys, and especially the two footballs, caused a great deal of euphoria in the two mentally limited boys who had first greeted us.

We asked those children who were able to understand simple sentences to come up on the roof of the four-storey house and played some games to promote physical communication and interaction. Munif made an excellent gamemaster here <3

A little too fast, this little visit to Families for Children went by but here, too, the honest hope of a “see you again! “ in the not too distant future prevailed.

For those who are interested in spending time as a volunteer in an orphanage or want to support this great project in other ways, do not hesitate and write to! 🙂


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