Countless bright smiles

Thanks to your donations we were able to

take matters into our own hands and improve the situation at the refugee camp


For more than one week we are working on rebuilding (filling it up with gravel) and cleaning out the pathway in front of the sports field, together with other volunteers from CESRT and granted from the refugee camp “Vial”. Not only for children, but also for the other adults, which are crossing the way day in and out, it was really important to be able to walk along this way and not having to walk through mud and waste water. It happened many times that people slipped and fell into the polluted waste. One of our colleagues experienced a child being fully covered in this harmful mud. Furthermore are many people walking without having shoes on or handicapped people had to pass this obstacle as well. Therefore it was of prime importance to clear out this mess.

After a longed for approval we started to face the problem with two other colleagues. We were driving around the island to get the gravel of 3m³ (about 4 tons), bought working boots, gloves, shovels and a wheelbarrow and began to work.

We freed the area from all the mud, cleaned out the gutters, which were completely overgrown and full of mud, and dug a channel for the water, so even when it rains the water can flow off. It took us quite a while, because the ground got really closed from all the rucks which were passing the way for the past years. At sunset we called it a day.







Today we took some more ground out to make room for the gravel. After this we finished up the channel so the water can flow off in a perfect way. On top we put about 10cm of gravel and the project was finished.








All day long we saw how excited and thankful the people at the camp were for our effort we put in the project. They thanked us with water, orange juice and tea, which the families made on their own.

We were able to finance the project of 90€ through your donations! 80€ for material and delivery and 10€ for the tools.








Because of the regulations of the refugee camp we are not allowed to show pictures of how excited and happy the people were about the project. Countless smiles all over the place which we were only able to give, because of your donations! Thank you so much for your donations and your trust.

Only because of you we are able to achieve something like this!

We did it once again! We put countless smiles on people’s faces!

6 thoughts on “Countless bright smiles

  1. Hallo,

    das war ja ein hartes Stück Arbeit. Verwunderlich das ihr das auf eure Initiative gemacht habt und es nicht die Organisation instand hält.
    Aber wahrscheinlich haben die auch ihre Regeln und da ist so eine Tätigkeit nicht vorgesehen.
    Ihr habt das super gemacht.
    Weiter so.
    Habt ihr eine Chance die permanente Wartung des (Ab)wassergraben in andere Hände zu geben wenn ihr nächste Woche abreist?
    Wäre wichtig.

    Viele liebe Grüße

    Aus Landshut

    1. Hey,
      leider gibt es im Camp so viele Baustellen, dass das Trockenlegen dieses Wegabschnitts ihrer Meinung nicht wichtig genug ist, um behoben zu werden. Danke für die netten Worte. In regelmäßigen Abständen werden sich die Volunteers von CESRT darum kümmern, dass der Abwassergraben frei bleibt!

      Liebe Grüße nach Landshut,
      Dominik und Luca

  2. Luca and Dominik,

    What an huge impact you made on so many people’s lives in such a short time on Chíos. We were just blown away by your enormous generosity. Your plan to travel the world helping one person at a time is just brilliant! It was a great honor to meet you and work with you at CESRT.

    A drainage ditch update… Marcos brings a shovel to clean it when he goes to the Vial Games.👏


    Margaret and Jenise

    PS we made a donation but we don’t speak German so PayPal was a bit tricky🥴 hope it went through🤞Might consider adding English? Sorry we are so monolingual 😝

    1. Hey Margaret and Jenise,
      thank you so much for your kind words, it means the world to us <3 It was a great pleasure to work with you guys aswell and a pitty it was only for such a short time! The update about the drainage is awesome, great to see that marcos seems to keep getting involved and that he has an eye on maintenance.

      A big thank you for your generous donation to our cause. That you think of our project in such a high manner with your professional knowledge flatters us immensely 🙂
      I will take a look at our paypal shortly and make it more convenient for english speakers, thank you for the advice! Your monolinguality is excused 😉

      With a big smile
      Luca and Dominik

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