After a long wait and a lot of research, it finally happened

we have donated a wood stove for a needy couple on Chios

During our time in Chios, we were introduced to a couple who lives not far from CESRT headquarters. The visit to their so-called home, a small hut, whose roof is made up of remnants of UNHCR tents from the refugee camp, opened our eyes to the importance of supporting the local population in Chios. It was hard to imagine that the two of them actually lived in a garbage dump and had to live in this dwelling even in winter. We could almost feel the icy wind of the coming winter months through the countless holes in their home. Toula, who was so kind to help translate, told us that they had long wanted to get a stove where they could heat and cook, but they are always dependent on outside help for such matters and no one seemed to be able to help them with this issue. Dinitris rarely gets a small job, which consists, for example, of pulling the remaining nails out of wooden posts during demolition work. These favors are rare and so the two have been struggling for a long time day by day for their basic needs for food or a bit gas for their little generator, which then gives them electricity at least 4 hours daily. It was immediately clear to us that it would be a perfect opportunity for Travel for Smiles to help them a little bit and give them the pleasure of getting a stove.

We drove up and down several times on the island, always on tips from local residents, but found no shop in which we could find such a wood-burning stove at our price expectations. As so often nowadays we found the corresponding model on the internet, that even with the delivery costs on the small island, far undercut the prices we had previously obtained locally. The decision was made and therefore we gave the order to the delivery, even if it meant that we would not be there to pass the oven to the two. The expected delivery date was Monday and our ferry for Sunday in Turkey already booked. So we discussed everything with our great colleagues at CESRT, who promised to deliver the oven as soon as it arrived. This has finally happened and you see the proof photo above.

Special thanks to Toula and Mike who helped us a lot with this action! ❤ Of course, but also to you all at home a big thank you, that you helped us to guarantee Dinitris and … to guarantee a warm home in the cold winter months. We used 207 euros of your donations.
We are very proud to have brought some joy together with you guys and keep our eyes open to create even more smiling faces.

Till the next post, take care!

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