Support for the Edhi Foundation

Translation to English by Mila T. <3

Although we were not sure in advance how the security situation in Pakistan will be, we are determined to take action on behalf of Travel for Smiles. Our first idea was to support the rural population of Balochistan by visiting a village to provide the local families with lush food packages, to give dolls or toy cars to the children, and possibly help one or the other individual in their situation. Unfortunately, neither the police nor the Lehvis were able to provide us with the necessary escort in the organization of this project, which of course we could not blame them for, as they already had made such a great effort to keep us safe without having to pay even one euro.

Eitherway, we had to reject the plan again, which had the result that a variety of project ideas went through our heads, which is why we once again began to question ourselves and our project to make sure that the basic idea of ​​Travel for Smiles is not lost.

Alongside Bangladesh, Pakistan is the country with the lowest gross domestic product per capita on our itinerary, as evidenced by the miserable hygienic conditions and the high number of nomadic and mud villages. We had not yet faced such basic poverty, which did not really simplify our decision-making.

We try again and again to get involved in the different circumstances and framework conditions of the countries we travel to in order to be as responsible as possible in dealing with your donations. In addition, we had made it our mission to support individual fates, and bring smiles to their faces. In this situation, we had to make an exception to our rule and, after much consideration, decided to support a larger organization in its work.

The Edhi Foundation was founded in 1951 and has become the world’s largest aid organization for out-patient help and charity. At first, everything began with taking up and teaching illegitimate and unwanted children, as well as taking care of the burial of poor people who had died on the streets.

Washingroom for the deceased

In addition to hospitals, women’s shelters and soup kitchens, the relief organization now manages homes for orphans, the ones with behavioural problems and drug addicts, as well as a cancer clinic. Our money goes to a clinic that currently cares for 101 mentally ill people, 61 of whom are over fifty, most of them female, and is providing 10 adults and 6 children with medicines and food for a month.

We think the project is great and believe that it is in good hands there and the 493,98€ flow to the right people.

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