Our time at the Himalayan Foundation

Only a few key facts of the project were known to us when we arrived at 11.02 in the evening in the more prosperous part of Dhapasi in Kathmandu. In the run-up to our arrival we were told by e-mail that they would be praying for us but the importance of faith in the Patch-Work family was not clear to us.

The welcoming by David, his wife Marya and the kids was very warm and it promised to be a great time. We were asked curiously about our car and our trip. A potential barrier that such a first meeting sometimes brings with it, was put aside by the natural open-mindedness and curiosity of the children and we were asked many,many questions. All 16 of them were very different but all in their own way very special. However, they all had in common that they could be very polite if they wanted to, all were diligent in their education and all loved chicken pizza: D

We spent our nights in an adjoining room of the living room, which made us wake up every morning at 6:00 am due to the prayer at the dining table. Religion plays an essential role in the everyday life of the family. Twice a day, a small service is held in Nepali fashion, with a lot of music and loud individual prayers. On the weekends, they all go to church together. It was a special experience for us to spend a few days in such a religious environment and to understand a little more about a religion that has come from our continent the long way to Nepal.

Our time together flew by. We went to the children’s school, helped with their homework a couple of times, went on a trip together and had our heads full of thoughts as we, Al, a Scottish 50-year-old volunteer, and David, shared the need to do something for the street children of Kathmandu. We also just could not miss out on visiting a small village in the north-east of the city in the mountains and shared a small room with a few locals at night. Since the hot water supply of the children’s home did not work, Dominik made it his business to find out the reason why. There were even ambitious plans to repair the water heater, which turned out to be impossible and so we decided, together with Travel for Smiles, to get a new one.

The many special interpersonal encounters and honest moments we shared with the children and the rest, we can not possibly describe, you must have been there.

For anyone who maybe wants to dosomething like this in the future, just write to travelforsmiles2018@gmail.com and maybe someday we will donate a smile together somewhere! ­čÖé

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