Travel for Smiles at the Himalaya Foundation Nepal

Solar Thermal

Every one of us knows it, most hate it: having to shower cold. Since David moved into the new house with the children three months ago, the solar thermal system installed on the roof has never actually worked properly. Both the water tank inflow and outflow were leaking, so the system had to be taken out of service, so that the roof is not constantly under water and the water bill does not keep going up. After looking at it for a moment, it quickly became clear that you do not have to be an expert to determine that the plant is more or less scrap and you can not repair anything. In addition to the leaky inflow and outflow, the whole structure was covered with rust and the left part of the stand was bent over so that the whole system hung clearly to the side.

Since nothing beats a hot shower after a busy day, we did not have to think twice about deciding that we would want to replace it. Together with one of the older kids we went to some solar thermal shops to find out what we could buy locally.

After we got an overview and wrote down the corresponding product characteristics for a few models, we were spoiled for choice, whether it would be the expensive, but very high-quality system, or a cheaper version would do. After a long time back and forth and a short consultation with Wolfgang, our personal consultant regarding technical issues, we decided to go for quality. In total, the purchase including installation cost 550.61 euros, which is of course not cheap, but on the other hand represents a long-term investment. Since a few days it starts to pay off, because the first children were already able to enjoy a warm shower.



From Tuesday morning to Friday noon, David and Mariya, the couple who founded the Himalaya Foundation Nepal 11 years ago and has been directing it ever since, were on a short break with relatives near Chitwan National Park, together with Al, a highly experienced volunteer from Scotland. This meant that apart from David’s sister Mina, Luca and I were the only “adults” in the orphanage. Of course, the children were very good at taking care of themselves, with the older ones always keeping an eye on the smaller ones. For Luca and me, it felt like we had “free house” with the kids.

For the last evening before the parents of the house should come back, we had had thought of a small highlight for the children. Because of the limited budget, actually only two different dishes are on the menu of the home and so we wanted to provide a culinary variety. Pizza for everyone! After extensive internet research, looking at all the images and customer reviews we chose a restaurant, which in our opinion would come closest to the Italian original to order pizza for everyone except one. One of the kids said it would rather eat momos. Of course we were happy to comply with this wish. Armed with paper and pencil, we set out to write down the individual pizza wishes of the children. What do you think was the blockbuster? Salami pizza? Pizza Margaritha? Or pizza Fungi? Hard to believe, but in the end everyone wanted pizza with chicken, which baffled us.

Although the delivery had been postponed by an hour due to the extensive order, the joy over the ever-popular culinary dish was huge and the action was a complete success.


Science Day

“An investment in education always brings the best interest”

– Benjamin Franklin –

That is why we are always happy to be able to make a small contribution to education. Last Tuesday, Science Day took place at the Children’s Primary School. A team from NASA was to come and give the students a chance to immerse themselves in a different world via virtual reality. Since a small participation fee had to be paid, most of the children of the home already resigned themselves to the fact that the event would take place without them. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to make sure that all children are on the list of participants in the end. From the moon landing, an underwater world to the age of dinosaurs, the VR glasses were able to shine with a variety of exciting topics, which the boys and girls tried to soak up with great enthusiasm. All in all, the day was a complete success, not just because it only cost 9.34 ‚ā¨, but also because we were also allowed to participate. ūüėÄ

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