Day 3 and 4 – Days filled with Ups and Downs

Our apologies to everyone that might have been waiting for an update yesterday. We would’ve loved to upload something, but weren’t able to unfortunately.

Yesterday the 16th of october painted quite a good picture of our physical condition. Although we were blessed with pleasent weather and a beautiful scenery of unique waterfalls in the nationalpark Krka, nothing was going to stop what was ahead of us.

Who would have though, we’d catch something after only 3 days of our trip, still in europe? After one of us was already vomiting during the night, the other one shortly followed this example on our personal excursion into the nirvana. Hiking for four kilometers to the waterfalls and four kilometers back tipped us over the edge and left us stumbling back to the car like a couple of zombies. At 7.30 pm we fell into our
much-longed for beds and slept for a whole 14 hours.

Still, calling this day a complete waste of time, would be quite fair.

It was a unique experience, driving through the foggy scenery of Croatia’s backcountry, with scattered ruins along the way. This was also where we found a small stand on the side of the street, looking a little lost, selling us fresh fir-honey, which turned out to be absolutely delicious.Eventhough our sight was a little blurry, we cannont deny the beauty of Krka’s waterfalls.

Right now, we’re driving along the coast of Croatia towards Dubrovnik and are contemplating jumping into the ocean! So, as you can tell, we’re back to feeling just fine 🙂

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