Travel for Smiles

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Our Baby Chios Eastern Shore Response Team Istanbul Himalayan Foundation Final Destination Kalkutta New Years Eve in Pakistan

Our Baby

This is our wonderful VW T4 bus.

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Chios Eastern Shore Response Team

Helping the arriving refugees in Chios, Greece.


Distributing food in Instanbul.

Himalayan Foundation

A visit to an Orphanage in Nepal

Final Destination Kalkutta

Volunteering at New Light, a project focussing on the protection of women and childing from the red light district

New Years Eve in Pakistan

The beginning of the new year marks the half time of our journey



Whats “Travel for Smiles” ?

It doesn’t always have to be the big organisations that make the big difference. We strongly believe, that with showing love, affection and interest in the lives of others it has a huge impact by using little means. We are trying to show around the world, that we can care for each other and make the world a better place, let it be little by little. That’s why we founded Travel for Smiles e.V. 

Cross borders, meet people, get involved

Once you start to care for another person in a foreign country, it is much harder to forget about the people behind headlines. We try to donate smiles and joyful moments and make the world a better place, one step at a time.

Our project is about showing affection.

We are Luca and Dominik, two students from Germany, with many hardworking helpers behind the scenes, trying to do some good and inspire other people to do the same.

Travel the world, learn from different cultures and leave each place a little better than you found it.

We are all sharing the world, trying to make the best of it!

Our main initiative is to do small acts of kindness for as many people as we can.

100% of money we receive benefits people in need!
Every donation is documented on our Blog for complete transparency.


Chios Eastern Shore Response Team

Our first stop as volunteers: Arrival 22nd of october 2018

CESRT is a locally created project that offers first aid to refugees arriving over the ocean from turkey to the greek island Chios. To be able to provide this care 24 hours a day, each day four teams with two people each are on constant stand to act as quickly as possible if a boat should be arriving. This project has been growing the last years and is catering to the needs of refugees all over the island by handing out clothes, shoes, shampoo etc. . For this purpose alone, a warehouse has been opened, which simutaneously acts as the base of the organisation.

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Şefkat-Der (Instanbul)

Our second stop as volunteers: Arrival 12th of november 2019

Sefkat-Der hosts homeless people in seven shelters throughout Instanbul. The housings are able to accomodate 400 people and partly seperate men and women. The district Beyoglu runs a soupkitchen with space for up to 250 people, that offers meals three times a day. On top of that, the organisation has three mobile soupkitchens, which hand out food on the streets.

If you want to know more and are able to understand turkish, click HERE!

Himalayan Foundation Nepal

Our third stop as volunteers: Arrival 6th of february 2019

The “Himalayan Foundation Nepal” is an officially registered non-profit organisation which is connected to the welfare council of nepal. The organisation was founded in 2005, shelters orphans and offers food and school supplies. Most of these childrens have to deal with the traumatic loss of their parents. Since quite some time this project is expanding and tries to find preventive measures, by offering new options of feeding their families to underpriviliged women. There is close collaborations with local schools in order to educate these women on various subjects. Events are being held to highlight the issue of human trafficking.

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New Light (Kalkutta)

Our fourth stop as volunteer: Arrival 20th of march 2019

The mission of New Light is to further gender equality through education and life training. As a result violence and abuse against women and children is supposed to be reduced. One of the many fields of action of this organisation is the work in the heart of the red light district in Kalighat. Children of prostitutes are being taken care of and offered a place to stay during the night to actively get these out of the streets. Starting with nine children in 2000 the number has now risen up to 250 children. All these children benefit from New Light.

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