More Smiles for Chios




Since the so called ‘Garden project’, which is located at the Language Center by CESRT, inspired us from the beginning, we decided to contribute 48 spinach seedlings, 20 cabbage seedlings and a lot of carrot-, snow pea-, and cauliflower seeds FOR ONLY 10€. A fair amount of the goods has already been planted with the help of the refugees. Even though it has only been a small act of friendship we were surprised and glad to see how excited the young men were, when they saw the garden. Most of them weren’t able to farm ever since they left their home country. We see the garden as more than an actual garden, it is more a retreat where the people are able to escape from the overcrowded refugee camp and are actually able to work at something meaningful. Furthermore the harvest goes back to everyone being involved. Mainly at this point volunteers and refugees interact. The significance of this project is resembled by how the refugees are called at the Language Center and the garden, they get called “students”.

Our second donation took place at a so called “Landing” today. We welcomed 67 people, 35 of them were children. The people were straying on the open ocean since midnight, halfway their guide left them, but at around 9:40am Frontex was able to pick them up. About 2 hours later we welcomed them at our harbor with warm clothes, snacks and fresh water. Because of the great amount of people the transport of the new ones took almost forever to get through the registration process into the refugee camp. The bus only fits 25 people, therefore it had to take more tours. At 1:30pm the bus driver decided to take a break, so a lot of refugees, many of them children, had to wait on the mattresses we provided. Since they weren’t able to get to the camp in time we decided to get them pizza at the restaurant around the corner. We ordered three big pizzas for 36€ and got a few soft drinks on the house from the restaurant owner. Everybody was super happy about the pizza and everybody ate together on their mats. This helped everyone to bypass the waiting time and the atmosphere was almost carefree until the bus started to take tours again.


Since we are not allowed to take pictures of the refugees you can only see us both on the picture.

That’s it for now. We already have plenty of new ideas to come up with meaningful donations and we will keep you up to date.

You will hear from us soon! Take care! 🙂

3 thoughts on “More Smiles for Chios

  1. Gentlemen,
    I really love your blog, which I follow on a daily base. I almost have the feeling to be partly with you on your trip. Please keep this performance, although I know that will be very difficult over six months. Kindest regards Papa of Luca

    1. Hello Papa 😀
      we are very glad that you enjoy our blog that much and keep track of what we are up to. We have no doubt in our minds that we will be able to keep the performance at the level we are doing now. The positivity our project creates around us will always keep our spirits high, even in hard times. We are 100% percent sure of that. We´ll keep you guys posted and i will probably give you a call in the next couple of hours 😀

      With a big smile
      Luca and Dominik

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