Said and Done

As previously announced, we improved the distribution of our WeCare-Packages by combining it with attending to individual needs.

More WeCare-Packages, clothes for a young girl in the street and grocery shopping with a middle aged lady

In Turkey begging is forbidden by law, that’s why you see many people selling single packages of tissues or children playing the flute, even on rainy days. This occupation serves them as some form of justification confronted with the police, but it is still common practice to give them some change without buying something.

We were able to supply some of these needy people with WeCare-Packages. Luckily we had the ability to talk to them properly, all due to the help of our chouchsurfing acquaintance and a nice waitress. This gave us the opportunity to support them a little bit more.

For a girl of about 10 years we bought a cap, scarf and a pair of winter boots. Unfortunately we couldn’t document her bright smile, because we don’t show the faces of children without their parents consent. But trust us when we say: She was absolutely enchanting! 😊


Furthermore we went grocery shopping with a lady selling tissues in the streets. Communication struggled, because even Google-Translate couldn’t help due to her illiteracy, but a very nice waitress helped us out with translating. Together we set the budget to 150 TYL and headed for the next supermarket. It was amazing to follow the middle-aged woman around and to see with what joy she was making her grocery choices. We ended up with 5 l sunflower oil, 5 kg laundry detergent, a frying pan, shampoo, lentils, cheese and other foods.

In total everything amounted to 166 TYL, about 27 €, of which, we think, each Turkish Lira was worth it. But see her heart-warming smile and decide for yourself. 😊

Thank you all for making these donations possible! We will not stop to create as many bright and warm smiles as possible, especially in the cold time of the year.

We wish you all a happy Christmas time! <3

Translation to english by Mila T. <3

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