Windows for the school

Turn the clocks back to January of this year. On our way through Iran towards the Pakistani border, we stopped in Jiroft, a small town near Kerman. Through our most valuable contact and friend, Hamid, we learned of a school project in one of the small villages in which he and some of his friends, colleagues and even the Iranian state are involved. The financing of the new school building, which is being built next to the old, very dilapidated building, is sluggish. The agreement with the Iranian authorities is that the construction of the infrastructure must be self-responsibly borne by the project initiators, and as soon as the institution is put into operation, the government will provide teachers and teaching materials.

So we went to Jiroft to get a picture of the situation on site and to decide in which way we can contribute something with Travel for Smiles e.V. Together with the construction supervisor Sajjad, who was also our host for the few days in the small town, we drove in the morning about 100 kilometers south to the small village of about 50 huts. The inhabitants kept camels and other animals right next to their houses and we could not help but notice the simple living conditions of the people. All the more excited us then the fact that even some of these small villages are going to be reached and that for the children new perspectives are opened by education.

It quickly turned out that in the step-by-step financing of the construction, the windows were the next hurdle and so we decided to help the project here. For the equivalent of 500 Euro we had the 5 windows (custom made and framed) comissioned.

Due to numerous delays,only now these were finally delivered and are ready for installation. Once these are installed we will of course let you know!


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