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Travel for Smiles is now the official sponsor of a Kurdish football team in Iran!

For many, football is considered the most beautiful trivial thing in the world. Also, in the Middle East, an area that isn’t necessarily considered a hotspot for football, with only a handful of players making it into one of Europe’s top five leagues, there are many talented athletes passionate about chasing the round leather. As it does not take much more for a round of football than a ball, a few sports enthusiastic boys and girls and jackets or stones marking the goalposts, it is of course a very popular pastime in Sarpol, but also in many other places on our itinerary.

It was a pleasure to watch people forget their everyday worries despite the supposedly overwhelming and depressing situation in the still earthquake-stricken city, and just like everyone else in the world, enjoy kicking.

After getting the opportunity from our host’s brother to join in an evening round of football and seeing how committed they are to the whole thing, we’ve decided to make sure that the three times a week hobby kickers come together as a professional Team and to give their truly high-quality matches a worthy setting.

Twice we got 5 jerseys for the outfielders, a goalkeeper jersey for each keeper, two goalkeepers gloves and a ball. Once the jerseys were tried on to make sure they were the right size, they all were numbered on the back and the Travel for Smiles logo was printed on the front.

This was financed by 113,63 ‚ā¨ of your donations! ūüôā

Since it all took about 10 days to complete, we are reporting to you today and would like to take this opportunity to thank Faramaz, our host’s brother, who has made a major contribution to putting it all into practice. Of course, once again, a big thank you to you, who carry our project through your donations and make it possible to perform such actions.

Translation to english by Mila T. <3

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