Off to the Mountains

On Sunday evening I made my way to the public bus, to Naya Pul. From there, at around dusk I walked to Birethanti, the first small village in the huge Annapurna National Park. For the equivalent of € 1.50 I moved into a modest room and fueled myself for the coming, physically demanding days, with […]

Paragliding in Nepal

After 20,000 km of driving and crossing eleven countries, the time had finally come and I was able to go paragliding for the first time. For these two days alone, it has been worth it carrying around the bulky equipment for over four months. At the “Babu Adventure School” in Pokhara I was able to […]

Adventure Nepal

When we arrived in the small tourist village in the early afternoon, just a stone’s throw from Chitwan National Park, our newfound friend was already waiting for us at the Hotel Shiva’s Dream. We had met Dennis on the border, spent a day with him in Lumbini, and visited the Buddha’s birthplace. This magical place, […]

First stage in India

During our first stay in India, we would spend only five nights in this vast country. So it was rather a short detour, but should be expanded by the travel section from Nepal to Bangladesh and the final days in Kolkata for more highlights. After successfully crossing the Pakistani-Indian border, we headed straight to Jim […]