Luca stranded in Turkey

Translation to english by Mila T. <3 Over a month after applying for my visa, we had enough. Without official refusal or confirmation of my visa, we drove our car towards the border. Four independent Iranian travel agencies had assured us that applying for a visa-on-arrival at the border crossings between Turkey and Iran was […]


Translation to english by Mila T. <3 So it was time to cross Turkey from Istanbul to its southeastern border with Iran. For many, this huge country is known mainly for its beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean, for its breathtakingly beautiful metropolis of Istanbul, or perhaps for historically significant cities like Ephesus. But the fact […]

Said and Done

As previously announced, we improved the distribution of our WeCare-Packages by combining it with attending to individual needs. More WeCare-Packages, clothes for a young girl in the street and grocery shopping with a middle aged lady In Turkey begging is forbidden by law, that’s why you see many people selling single packages of tissues or […]