Excursion with the Children’s Home

Travel for Smiles treated the children’s home of the Himalayan Foundation Nepal to a day trip to the “Chandigiri Hills”!

Together with the children and some adults, we made our way towards the mountains near Kathmandu at about 1 pm. The ride on the overloaded bus, which we had organized through David, our host, was rife with anticipation. Despite the slightly rainy weather, the mood did not dim and the children hoped for snow at the top of the mountain, which many had never seen in their lives.

In small groups, we climbed into the cable cars, which allowed us to overcome 900 meters difference in height at a rapid pace and led to great excitement among the children, as soon as the cabin began to wobble a bit. As we gathered at the top, everyone was beaming and even the sun slowly began to fight through the clouds. Although it had not snowed, but only had hailed a little on the mountain, the children could not be fazed by that and admired the small ice chunks instead. Of course, it could not be avoided that one or the other handful of hail found its way into the neck of the children. Then we made our way to the small playground. It got quite wild there and the older ones were posing for a lot of photos.

The also German volunteer Michael, who had been here for a month and had helped to make this trip happen, donated a round of food for all and the children joyfully shoveled the native Momos into their mouths.

Afterwards we enjoyed the view a little, which had slowly stepped through the clouds and frolicked around here and there with the children, which left us exhausted, on the return journey.

Everyone, including us, enjoyed the excursion to the fullest, which was confirmed by the bright faces.

165,97 Euro of your donations were used to finance this joyful event!

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